Company name

Postal address: Plaça Xavier Cugat 2, Edifici D, planta 2-A 08174 Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona) Tel: (0034) 935528542



What do we use the data for?

The following Privacy Policy establishes the terms by which we process personal data in Magic Box Int. Toys, S.L.U; this includes any personal data gathered through our web page, and any other data that we process in the course of our business activities.

Magic Box Int. Toys, S.L.U gathers the following personal data for the purposes indicated below:

Customer service: personal data collected through messaging from any social network will be exclusively used to confirm that the product is defective and proceed to send a new one.

Contests, raffles, giveaways: personal data collected through messaging from any social network regarding contests, raffles or giveaways will be exclusively used to send the gift. 

Minors: this website is not adressed to minors. In any case, minors under 14 years of age should not send any personal information without the consent of their parents or guardian. Magic Box Int. Toys, S.L.U is not responsible for any personal information sent by minors under 14 years of age without the appropriate authorization. In the case in which data of minors under 14 years of age is required for, for example, participation in raffles or contests, the consent of their father, mother or legal guardian will be required. Otherwise, the personal data provided will not be stored and no data processing will be carried out.


How long do we keep your data?

The data on possible clients who do not end up contracting any service shall be deleted automatically after a year from the time of contact, providing that the possible client has not shown further interest in our services or products. In the event that the possible client does buy some product, the data shall be processed for as long as the commercial relationship lasts and, and once it has concluded, for the necessary time to respond to any possible legal responsibility, particularly all those associated with consumer good warranties.

The data collected through messaging from any social network or collected for a contest or giveaway will be deleted once the new product is sent.



The data on clients shall be processed by Magic Box Int. Toys, S.L.U, as well as the data associated with the workers, to fulfil the contractual relationship.

In the case of the data provided for the change of a defective product by a new one, the legitimization will be the execution of a contract.

We shall only process your data for promotional purposes if you have given us your specific consent to do so.



Transferring data to third parties

Your personal data shall not be transferred to third parties without your consent, except when Magic Box Int. Toys, S.L.U, is obliged by law to transfer data.

Category of data

Type of data processed:

  • Identification data (name, surname)
  • Contact data (email, telephone, address)

Under no circumstances do we gather sensitive data.



You are entitled to the following:


  • Accessing your personal data.
  • Rectifying your personal data.
  • Deleting your personal data.
  • Filing a report or a brief with the Spanish Data Protection Agency or with the autonomous data protection agency, where relevant, to enforce your rights.
  • Being informed of any security incident that may affect your rights.
  • Limiting the processing.
  • Portability.