Discover the new Kazoom Kids blister pack, which contains 1 Kazoom Slider with “pull back” effect, 1 ramp (only available in this blister pack!) and 4 SuperThings from the Kazoom Kids series: one of them is a silver captain! The SuperThings are everyday objects turned into superheroes and supervillains, and every character has a rival. They live in Kaboom City and are grouped into teams, led by the silver SuperThings. There are also two super leaders, a hero and a villain with a gold effect, and the really rare SuperThing, the most difficult one to find! In the new SuperThings Kazoom Kids series, Neonblast is the slipperiest of them all. Have thousands of adventures in the city of the SuperThings!


  • 1 Kazoom Slider
  • 1 ramp (only available in this blister pack)
  • 4 SuperThings (1 silver)