The Kazoom Kids in the new SuperThings series have arrived at top speed! The hero, Ballon Boxer, will enter the battle with its gold, dazzling vehicle and mobile fists that open up the path to any situation. Will it be able to win the fight? Of course, it will, because it is not alone! It’s accompanied by its team, Air Action Team: 3 exclusive SuperThings together with two small vehicles that can attach to the main transport and throw discs! Also, thanks to the flexible part at the back of the main vehicle it can jump from the ground for extra “power”! Ballon Boxer’s mega vehicle will be ready to transport all the kids, and defend Kaboom City! Will they be able to do it? You decide how the adventure continues!


  • 1 Balloon Boxer
  • 1 Jetpack
  • 2 Blasterjets + 2 Superdiscs
  • 1 exclusive Kazoom Kid + 1 accessory
  • 3 exclusive SuperThings