SuperThings to the rescue! With the Rescue Truck, the Kazoom Kids and SuperThings will be able to respond to calls for help from any Kaboom City citizens. Thanks to their ladder they’ll be able to get to all the high, out-of-reach places whether they’re rescuing a kitten stuck in a tree or spraying water on a building that is on fire! If you need to get any higher, unhook the cabin, unfold its wings … and fly! You’ll also be able to catch villains thanks to its huge front scoop, and with just a simple move, put them all in the truck’s mobile jail. Mind you, be careful! Remember that the baddies always have an escape plan, and if they press the right spot … the side will open and they’ll be free again! Carry all your SuperThings inside the vehicle while they wait to recover with the Kazoom regenerator, and make your way through the city with the sounds and colourful lights. You get guaranteed action with the Rescue Truck!


  • Truck
  • Ladder
  • 1 exclusive Kazoom Kid
  • 1 exclusive SuperThing