Nasty Spike Roller in the SuperThings Kazoom Kids series is here with all its team, the Spike Power Team, to create havoc in Kaboom City! With its huge, gold-decorated vehicle, it is ready to crush anything that gets in its way…. and it is not alone on this mission! There are also 3 exclusive SuperThings, together with two small villain vehicles that throw discs and attach to the main transport: maximum power for the villains! The latest villain secret is the flexible part at the back of the vehicle, which allows them to jump from the ground, take the heroes by surprise and attack them! Will they be able to take over control of Kaboom City? The power of the SuperThings is now in your hands!


  • 1 Spike Roller
  • 1 Jetpack
  • 2 Blasterjets + 2 Superdiscs
  • 1 exclusive Kazoom Kid + 1 accessory
  • 3 exclusive SuperThings